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Early Learning Program

Commitment to Early Learning 

Responding to research that reaffirms the growing consensus that Early Learning activity is crucial to a child’s development, The Surrey School District’s Community-Schools Partnership Department (C-SP) has made Early Learning a priority area of focus. Existing initiatives for pre-school aged children and their families are among those most sought after and they often operate at or over capacity.

One of the greatest benefits of these programs is that families become comfortable with the school system prior to enrolment. This early integration has allowed the identification and elimination of barriers that families face in their dealings with the education system. For this reason, Early Learning has proved to be an invaluable strategy in ensuring the long-term success of students in Surrey. Feedback from teachers is that they can tell which students have come through a formalized Early Learning program.

Bringing Early Learning programs to Central City

C-SP, the SFU Surrey-TD CEC, and Blackwood Partners have teamed up to run a pilot project in Central City Mall. Modeled after existing Early Learning initiatives, this exciting initiative will bring C-SP’s programming out of the schools and into the public arena, reaching new families.

Some of the fundamental characteristics of the program are:

  • Child-centered, play-based learning

  • Parent engagement

  • Accredited facilitators modeling best educational and parenting practices

  • Focus on early literacy and numeracy

  • Providing links and referrals to School District and Community resources

This program runs from October - June on Wednesdays from 1pm-3pm at the Central City Shopping Centre across from Winners.