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Friends of Simon

Friends of Simon (FOS) recruits, prepares, and assigns university students as literacy tutors in the Lower Mainland, particularly with newcomer kindergarten to grade 12 students. With partner schools and community agencies, FOS works to increase school success through after-school programs in small group and individualized settings. The SFU CEC has partnered with Friends of Simon and the City Centre Library to offer the Tutoring, Homework and English Support Program at the SFU CEC space in the City Centre Library (across the street from the SFU Surrey campus). The program reaches children of new immigrant families in grades 5-9 (ages 10-14). For more information about Friends of Simon, please see:

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Tutoring, Homework and English Support

In partnership with the Friends of Simon Tutoring Project and the City Centre Library, The SFU Surrey CEC provides a no-cost tutoring outreach program targeted towards immigrant and refugee children in grades 5-9. This program is open to students who have immigrated to Canada, and to students who may have been born in Canada but whose parents/guardians have immigrated to Canada.