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Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society

The Baobab Empowerment Society strives to empower vulnerable families and individuals with multiple barriers in our community through advocacy, education, dialogue, innovation, social responsibility and support for humanity. Pre-Employment workshops are currently being hosted at the SFU-Surrey-TD CEC in partnership with the Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society. For more information about the Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society, please see:


BAOBAB Pre-Employment, Digital Media and Cooking Skill Building workshops

The BAOBAB Pre-Employment workshops empower youth to seek, obtain and maintain employment. The workshops will cover topics such as skill identification and assessment, time management, networking, mock interview, financial literacy, writing the WAP statement, practice interview questions, resume, labour market information, career perspectives, and what employers are looking for in youth. The program will also include digital storytelling and cooking workshops to provide youth with practical skills.

To register: Call 604-585-6775 or email